We Are
Constantly Learning

We touch many people every day, with a great diversity of experiences in all kinds of industries and all kinds of functions. We encounter different skills and competencies, different styles and ways of thinking. And, of course, on a daily basis, we identify new visions and hear new points of view. Learning is an attitude that does not happen simply by having experienced a circumstance. Henry Ford used to say that “only old people stop learning, whether they are 80 years old or 20…” That’s how we understand it at TTEN, and we are fortunate to be able to learn from the best in their fields: from our clients and our candidates.

We Have Fun

We spend a lot of time doing our work – more than at home, in fact – and for us, it is simply unthinkable not to enjoy it. We love doing what we do: What better job than helping an executive find a solid and challenging position? What better job than helping a company find a valuable member? And it’s all a matter of vision: We don’t seek to be magicians… we seek to find the magic in what we do. And it shows.

We generate

A team is not just a collection of individuals doing their job. It is not even a collection of individuals doing a single job sequentially (that is, a production line).
At TTEN, we seek to be a team in its most profound and complete sense. A team is collaborative work between people with different characteristics and personalities who add value to each other’s work at each stage of each process and are willing to receive value from each other. In a true team, the result is always greater than the sum of individual efforts.

We work with
and for People

A company is made up of people and is therefore a melting pot of different intellects, talents and personalities. A company is a consequence and reflection of its collaborators. There is no valuable company without valuable people, and at TTEN, we work with and for them.

Our job is to understand not only the professional, technical and experience requirements but also the style and identity that people impose on their organization.

We Work

We plan more to correct less. This means understanding before we start.

In the midst of World War II, an Allied pilot sent a curious message: “I’m lost,” he told headquarters, “but I’m making record time.” We often fail to realize that, if we take an initial moment to recognize, to understand clearly where we are going, we will end up saving a lot of effort and even more time.

Savings in effort and time that our customer will appreciate…

We are Persons of Integrity

Integrity: The line we draw to separate right from wrong; the foundation we build gradually, along with our values and principles.

Mark Twain said that “bravery and courage are the foundations of integrity”. The whole world is going through times of obstacles and difficulties. We have been battered, but we have been strengthened. Let us have the courage to create a new stereotype that defines us in the eyes of the world.

Our Trademark: We always do what is right rather than what is convenient.

We are

At TTEN, we believe that results are the only way to build trust. We deliver what we agree to when we agree to it. And we always seek to exceed the promise.

We are commitment and we are accountability. We will deliver the expected results in the expected timeframe. No pretexts, no excuses.